Who is WolfpackGymnastics.com?
WolfpackGymnastics.com was started in 2006 by Luke and Nicole Steele. Nicole spent fourteen years as a gymnast before entering the School of Design at NCSU. Luke (and wife) also spent fourteen years in the gym, supporting Nicole and her teammates. We’re all NCSU fans, have been for years, so the rest was easy.

What is WolfpackGymnastics.com?
This site was created to support the NCSU Women’s Gymnastics Program. If you’re familiar with college gymnastics, then you know that it’s the rare program that has everything it needs. Our goals are to publicize the NCSU program however we can, encourage sports fans to come out and see some amazing athletes in their back yard, and to help raise money for the team. The operational expenses of this site are donated. Any money raised or earned by WolfpackGymnastics.com is donated directly to the team. This includes the proceeds from any tee-shirt sales or any other items that are promoted on this site. If you would like to support the team with a donation, send it to the team.

You’ll also notice a lot of photographs on the site. Nicole and I both love photography, and gymnastics is a challenging and rewarding environment to shoot. The photos are not for sale. They are watermarked because I want to know if they are used. If you want to make prints, contact me – unless you start asking for lots of pictures, full-size non-watermarked images are free. For publishing, the most we’ve ever asked for is a photo credit.

Last but not least, please note that WolfpackGymnastics.com is not run by or affiliated with North Carolina State University. You will find many links on this site that point to GOPACK (http://www.gopack.com), which is the official NCSU Athletics Site. GOPACK is as dedicated to the NCSU ladies as we are, but the two entities are not affiliated. Any mistakes on this site are ours – and we would greatly appreciate you reporting any errors you see to the email address below. Along the same lines, if you see something on this site that bothers you, I would appreciate your letting us know about that as well. As noted above, the goal of this site is to support the team, and not to embarrass or demean anyone.

We’ve known and admired Coach Stevenson for years – and his staff is as committed to the Wolfpack ladies as he is. We are also extremely familiar with how demanding College Gymnastics is and how dedicated the ladies of the NCSU team are. We have friends on the team and in the community. However, the bottom line is that we love the sport, and believe that the NCSU team is a particularly fine representative of it. See you at the meets!

That’s about it… No other motives, just a love of the sport and of an outstanding team. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, we’d love to hear them! Leave us a note on our Contact page! Go Pack!