Caitlyn Fillard, Sophomore

Hometown:  Centereach, New York
Home Gym: New Image Gymnastics
Major: Communication of Media

Started gymnastics at age: 2
Favorite trick/skill in gymnastics: Double layout dismount on bars
Most hated trick/skill in gymnastics: Tocachev

Dream vacation place: Hawaii
Favorite food: Mashed potatoes
Favorite TV show: Gossip Girl
Favorite car: BMW
Favorite celebrity: Justin Bieber
Favorite sport to do (not gymnastics): Lacrosse
Biggest fear: Bugs
Biggest guilty pleasure: Ice cream

Favorite class: Topics in Contemporary Math
Most hated class: COM 250 
Biggest accomplishment in pre-college gymnastics: 8th place at Nationals
Biggest accomplishment in college gymnastics: 3x Rookie of the Week
Favorite part about being a Wolfpack Gymnast: Having such close teammates
Funniest Wolfpack Gymnastics memory: When Mark fell off his scooter

Who is the…
Team comedian?
Best dancer?
Team mom?
Most forgetful? 

Moment you are most proud of: competing 3 events as a freshman
Most influential person in your life: My sisters
Favorite Quote: “What’s for you will not pass you.”