Chelsea Knight, Junior

Hometown:  Waldorf, MD
Home Gym: Unique Sports Academy
Major: Life Sciences

Started gymnastics at age: 4.5
Favorite trick/skill in gymnastics: Tuck full-out on bars
Most hated trick/skill in gymnastics: Round off backhandspring

Dream vacation place: Santorini, Greece
Favorite food: Pizza and sushi
Favorite TV show: Friday Night Lights and Hit the Floor
Favorite car: None
Favorite celebrity: Anyone that slays when there in the spotlight
Favorite professional team: N/A
Favorite sport to do (not gymnastics): volleyball
Biggest fear: Being unable to pay my own bills after graduation
Biggest guilty pleasure: Sour candy
Unique Obsession/Quirk: I eat M&Ms and/or Skittles in order of the rainbow depending on the numbers, sometimes I eat them the greatest amount to the least amount or vise versa

Favorite class: Microeconomics
Most hated class:  Chemistry
Biggest accomplishment in pre-college gymnastics: Placing 9th in the AA at the 2013 JO Nationals
Biggest accomplishment in college gymnastics: Making it through preseason
Favorite part about being a Wolfpack Gymnast: My teammates are like my family!
Funniest Wolfpack Gymnastics memory: When I took the ice bucket from Sami and Allie when they weren’t paying attention and I ran out of the locker room laughing because they were confused and I didn’t want to carry it back from the gym.

Most influential person in your life: My mother always!
Favorite Quote: “Nothing beats failure except a try.”