Maggie Tamburro, Sophomore

Hometown:  Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
Home Gym: Artistic Sports Academy Plus
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Started gymnastics at age: 3
Favorite trick/skill in gymnastics: Back handspring back layout on beam
Most hated trick/skill in gymnastics: Turns on beam

Dream vacation place: Italy
Favorite food: Gnocchi
Favorite TV show: What Not To Wear & Awkward
Favorite car: Chevy Equinox
Favorite celebrity: Carrie Underwood
Favorite sport to do (not gymnastics): Musical Theatre
Biggest fear: Dying of lack of oxygen
Biggest guilty pleasure: Watching Toddlers & Tiaras

Favorite class: Calculus 2
Most hated class: Statics (the mechanics of things that accelerate nor deform) 
Biggest accomplishment in pre-college gymnastics: Region 7 Champion on Vault
Biggest accomplishment in college gymnastics: Getting a 9.8 on Vault
Favorite part about being a Wolfpack Gymnast: Camaraderie among the team, having a family
Funniest Wolfpack Gymnastics memory: Making fun of Mackenzie because she’s Canadian

Who is the…
Team comedian?
Best dancer?
Team mom?
Most forgetful? 

Moment you are most proud of: Sticking my vault at Iowa State

Most influential person in your life: my dad
Favorite Quote: “You can’t be a victim, you have to be a warrior.”